Parties, SPONs and the begging of my APC!


So whats been going on? Well above you can see a picture of me, my Fiancé and my Manager, along with one of my colleagues at the back, all enjoying a great evening at our summer party! This was a great chance for me to mingle with other members of the wider Ridge team along with enjoying a drink or two along the way. A great evening was had and the weather was nice and hot all evening. I spoke with many people within the business from CAD technicians through to senior partners and designers. I suddenly felt like I was very comfortable at Ridge whilst in the Taxi on the way home. I had, in the weeks previous, doubted slightly my ability to become a QS of any standard when I realised how much there really was to learn! Speaking with my manager and colleagues I soon realised that everyone had those moments and they often look back and think ‘I am glad I stuck it out’. So I did and I am happy to still be here.


Next on the list is me becoming a RICS registered and fully chartered surveyor. After a conversation with an equity partner I realised that starting sooner than later was better than leaving it. So I signed up, and am making daily entries into my logbook already! For those of you wondering what becoming chartered means, it is the point at which you are classed as a competent professional in the field of surveying and are awarded membership to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, who can provide help and support throughout your career. RICS accreditation also helps push you forward into more challenging roles and be a more employable member of the building community. If I push on it takes around 24 months to become chartered, if I pass, and includes a multitude of tests, interviews, assignments and log book entries to pass. So here’s to starting that and hopefully being able to sustain the work needed!


SPONS! This book is becoming second nature, along with SPONS Civils and SPONS Landscaping. The books are great for helping price documents at all stages, but be warned, calling a supplier to verify prices is sometimes wise, as I soon found out with certain items! It has however given me the ability, along with SMM7 and NRM 1 and 2 to give a much better quality, in terms of accuracy and clarity, bill to clients in order to cost effectively the work I am doing.


Whats planned I hear you ask? A holiday, I have a week left before a summer trip up to the Isle of Harris to see family and it is well needed, bar the 650 mile drive to the ferry, as this job really takes it out of you mentally. I find that as I learn more, tasks obviously become easier, however there is always a challenge waiting to be tackled after that. As such I often return home and find myself putting my shoes in the fridge or other such silly things caused by complete brain workouts!


Till next time folk…………………..