So much to do, so little time!

.Well sorry everyone for the lack of posts it’s been a busy few weeks for me! I am well and truly bedded in and it’s been a roller coaster so far.


Lets start with what I have learnt! I have begun learning about different packages of work and how to price them, keep on top of variations and how to man up and ask the awkward questions like, why has this been done? And how do you expect us to make a payment if there is no breakdown of costs? It’s been kind of mind boggling to see how many packages make up some of the projects we work on! I have now even been assigned my own packages which is great as I can learn the process of how the packages come together and how to manage changes. Even better was a trip to London to see the packages I have going into place and querying changes. It taught me a lot about building design and also got me involved with a fellow trainee who works for the contractor who liaises with me on my packages. It’s awesome who wouldn’t love managing their own workload, even with the responsibility.


I also have become part of a project from its conception so the measuring on this particular project has and is heavy going. I have found I very much enjoy measuring, it gives the opportunity to understand the project and the elements of its make up.


What else has been going on I hear you ask? Well I have my own load of projects I am a part of now so that brilliant. I have been measuring, pricing, analysing and interpreting figures, contract, variation orders and so much more! 


I have more trips on the cards to London, Winchester and who else knows where. The projects range from high end residential to schools and much more. I can now positively put together basic estimates, manage variables and take off onto a bill. I am getting better at understanding many legal terms and also different concepts within the discipline. There is still much to learn but I feel like I’m getting there slowly but surely. I have learnt that this game is all about the little things, the fine details and making sure something small doesn’t escalate in a lapse of concentration. Eyes on the prize ladies and gentleman . Eyes on the prize..


p.s I apologise for any bad spelling or punctuation, iPads aren’t always the best things to type on!

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