What A Week!

The third week ended yesterday in what can be described as a sleep deprived marathon! I don’t think I have been this tired in a long time, the constant learning is incredibly satisfying but incredibly tiring. So what have I been up to this week I hear you ask?

The first half of the week was very busy. I managed to rectify the issues with the pricing document I had managed to screw up on last week, so that was good, and I managed to measure some more aspects of the build which I wouldn’t have tried earlier, so a small feat within itself! I had a meeting with a friend of mine who works in the M&E (mechanical and engineering) department, and we have agreed on getting some figures together for the M&E aspects of the job, after going back to the spec for the build multiple times as it wasn’t clear whether or not a heat pump would be required. This all done we managed to get on and make good headway into the final stages of the document. 


The glorious weather on Tuesday saw a site visit to Winchester to what can only be described as the most beautiful place to construct anything. I can go into details but I am waiting on the OK to release some pictures of the site and some details of whats going on there and what is planned to be going on in the future. I can however say that after meeting with the PM, Structural Engineer and Architect I was very satisfied to be allowed to put across my own views on the project going forward. Everyone listened and took note of what I said and this was quite the achievement for me. 


The second half of the week was a return to measurements, SPONS and pricing documents. I was tasked with putting together a pre tender document for some landscaping works at a project in London we are currently working on. This site I am afraid can not and will not be reviled due to agreements with the client not to do so. I did however get introduced to SMM7, a measurement book which gives you what needs to be measured for an element of the build. For example when measuring stone slabs, you must give a measurement for the slabs and mortar used to set them as one, a measurement for the hardcore below it and a measure for the membrane, or cell web being used. Its not an easy thing to use SMM7, especially when your new to it, I did however soon get to grips with it and used it to measure service trenches and ducting, so there was another little victory for the week.


Apart from all this there is little to add I am afraid, office based work was the main focus however a BBQ put on by work on Friday saw a very nice end to the week. I feel I am learning daily and this is good, however I do feel like I make a hell of a lot of mistakes, not major ones, but lots of smaller ones, which can be very aggravating at times. I think when this happens I need to learn to just take a step back, gather myself and try again. After all I am just a learner at the minute. Its taken its toll this week I feel, I have learnt lots and regularly collapsed into a heap on arriving home but is learning not what its all about?

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